PVC steel pipe transparent steel pipe plastic pipe pvc steel hose nontoxic antifreeze transparent

US $7.48 - 14.08 More details

15m 25m DIY Drip Irrigation System Automatic Plant Self Watering Garden Hose Micro Drip Irrigation Kit Set Home Plants Wartering

US $14.77 More details

6 Pcs 2L/8L Fixed Flow Irrigation Pressure Compensated Dripper Potting Plants And Garden Clearing Head Pressure Drop Drip System

US $0.88 More details

10m/20m PVC Transparent Pipe Greenhouse Garden Watering Irrigation Hose ID 8/9mm Car Washing Pipe

US $7.76 - 12.67 More details

Practical PVC Travel House Plant Self Watering Bulb Shape Waterer Globes Automatic Irrigation Patio Lawn Garden Pot Planter Cans

US $0.76 - 1.34 More details

Garden Hose Pipe Splitter Drip Irrigation Plant Garden Tools 4 Way Water Tap Connectors Quick Thread Adaptor Myitr

US $6.64 More details

16mm Drip Tape Tee Connector drip irrigation fittings Greenhouse Thread Lock hose connector 50 Pcs

US $15.01 - 17.06 More details

3/4 Inch Inner Thread To 6mm Slip lock Quick-connectors Butt Quick Connector Pneumatic Pipe Fittings Mist Cooling Nozzle Tools

US $1.20 More details

10pcs black 12 mm hose connector barb interfaces irrigation tool industrial equipment, pipes 90-degree steering components

US $1.88 More details

5pcs NuoNuoWell G1/2" Female Thread to 9mm~15mm Hose Straight Connector Aquarium Fittings Air Pump Pipe Pagoda Adapter

US $2.44 More details

1pc 4/7 or 8/12 Garden Lawn Water Tap Hose Pipe Fitting Set Connector Adaptor Universal Garden Supplies Alternative Perfect

US $0.87 More details

1/2 Inch Barbed Copper Garden Water Quick Connectors Homebrew Garden Irrigation Watering Hose Connection Accessories 1 Pcs

US $2.03 More details

MUCIAKIE 2PCS DN16 Elbow Barb Connector 1/2'' 90 Degree Water Hose Adapter for Garden Irrigation Hose Repair Joint

US $0.59 More details

400 pcs 2L/4L/8L Steady Flow Detachable Pressure Compensating Dripper 4/7mm Interfaces garden Drip Irrigation system fittings

US $24.99 More details

20pcs Two Branches for Micro Tube 1/8 Inch Used For Drip Arrow System Drip and Micro Irrigation Hose Splitters

US $1.13 More details

1 Set 1" To 3/4" To 1/2" European Standard Internal Thread 4-Way Hose Splitters With 4 Pcs 4/7mm 8/11mm Hose Quick Connectors

US $8.78 More details

Flamingo Glass Watering Vase Terrarium Home Supply Wedding Gift Garden Decor DIY

US $3.32 More details

DF226 Barb Tee Connector For Micro Sprinkler Greenhouse Micro

US $3.80 More details

MUCIAKIE 1PC 1/2" Garden Irrigation Device Venturi Fertilizer Injector Switch Water Valve Accessory garden Hose Connector

US $1.49 More details

10/15/20m Car Wash Water Gun High Pressure Spray Gun Home Garden Water Gun Flexible Expandable Nozzle Spring Hose Set

US $21.56 - 30.34 More details

Expandable Magic Flexible Hose Car Washing Sprayer Garden Watering Gun Kits Portable Adjustable High Pressure Gun Garden Hose

US $3.85 - 24.48 More details

Mini Juice Bottles Interface Plastic Trolley Gun Sprayer Head Water Pressure Hot Search

US $3.39 More details

1pcs NuoNuoWell M22 Female Thread to M14 Brass Connector for Garden Irrigation Watering Water Gun Adapter Washing Car Fittings

US $2.13 More details

Dn15 Lawn Garden Water Sprinkler Pop-up Sprinkler 1/2" Pop Up 360 Degree Full Pattern Lawn Sprinkler Head

US $3.61 More details

8mm to 4mm Barb Straight Connector Garden Irrigation System Hose Reducer Quick Connector Hose Joint 50 Pcs

US $2.96 More details

Inner Dia. 20mm Transparent PVC Pipe Connectors High Quality Standard PVC Water Pipe Cap Coupling Elbow Tee Adapter For Choosing

US $1.75 - 3.22 More details

Inner Dia. 20mm PVC Pipe Union Connector Caps Equal Coupling 20X25mm Reducing Pipe Straight Joint Garden Water Tube Adapter

US $0.55 - 1.23 More details

50pcs Sprinkler Irrigation 4/7mm Tee Pipe Barb Hose Fitting Joiner Drip System

US $1.67 More details

Barbed Three-way Connectors Connect 4/7mm Hose And 6mm Nozzles Garden Irrigation System Pipe Fittings Gardening Water Tee 20 Pcs

US $0.99 More details

10mm Y connector barb water splitter Poultry farming 10mm water tee garden irrigation connector fittings 10 pcs

US $1.00 More details
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