2 * 30W 2.0 Channels DC16V TPA3110 Stereo Bluetooth Digital Amplifier Board Remote/U Disk/TF Decoding

US $9.84 More details

XH-M381 25W * 2 DC12-24V TPA3123 Digital Audio Class D Dual Channel Amplifier Board

US $5.23 More details

2 * 100W DC 14 -34 v XH-M510 TDA7498 Class D High Power Digital Amplifier Board Automotive Amplifier

US $6.71 More details

BZ4307G all aluminum preamplifier shell / AMP amplifier chassis / DIY case (430 * 70 * 308mm)

US $64.24 More details

DIY 18W+18W Class A AMPLIFIER Upgraded version Hood 1969 ON 15024/15025 Gold seal power tube hi-fi fever amplifier finished

US $130.04 More details

WM-034GT TPA3116 DC10-25V High Power Digital 2.1 Channel Subwoofer Amplifier Board

US $10.69 More details

XH-M190 DC12-24V 2 * 100W TPA3116 2.0 Class D Stereo HIFI Tube Digital Amplifier Audio Board

US $6.44 More details

Silver BZ3207S all aluminum / A-class amplifier shell / AMP amplifier chassis / DIY box / case (320 * 70 * 248mm)

US $35.34 More details

300W + 300W 4R L10 Circuit Dual Channel (2 pcs) HIFI 2S1943 / 2SC5200 + C5171 / A1930 Audio Tube Class AB Amplifier Board

US $38.74 More details

X-300 HD lossless decoding 300W 5.1 home theater digital Bluetooth HIFI high power amplifier

US $144.49 More details

100W 28V + 0 + 28V (AC AC) 1.0 channel TDA7293 power amplifier board 90mm X 90mm

US $11.48 More details

DC10-15V 4 X 50W TDA7850 car amplifier board 4 channel + BA3121 noise reduction function

US $16.81 More details

2607 Full Aluminum Chassis / Preamplifier / DAC CASE / AMP Amplifier Chassis / DIY Shell (260 * 70 * 311mm)

US $30.33 More details

2SC5200 2SA1943 power tube 300W A3-BASS high text special A42 A92 input tube subwoofer amplifier board DIY kit

US $25.49 More details

80W * 2 TPA3116D2 XH-M567 DC12-24V 2-channel digital audio amplifier circuit board, treble bass adjustment 5532 preamplifier

US $6.15 More details

Original TPA3116 DC18V-DC24V 4A 100W + 50W + 50W 2.1 channel Bluetooth power amplifier board TF/USB/FM/AUX subwoofer AMP board

US $25.14 More details

SP3306AL T5 APE lossless music player HiFi fever Digital amplifier Player optical / coaxial analog signal output amplifier

US $48.86 More details

18W DC12-19V or AC12-15V Mono amplifier board TDA2030A Monaural audio amplifier board

US $7.21 More details

60W TDA2050+TDA2030 three 2.1 channel super bass amplifier board Subwoofer board (C5A1)

US $6.68 More details

case 430*120*313mm All aluminum amplifier chassis / Class A amplifier / merge AMP case / AMP Enclosure /AMP case / DIY box

US $99.94 More details

DC24V 4A 160W+160W FX1602S high-power digital amplifier / wireless Bluetooth receiver / with TPA6120 amp / Bluetooth amplifier

US $83.55 More details

430*62*308mm 4306 Enclosure Box DIY Professional Profile Aluminum amplifier chassis /Pre-amplifier/DAC Decoder case /AMP case

US $50.22 More details

DC18-24V 2A 4.1 channel Class D amplifier board / TPA3116 Bluetooth amplifier board (50W* 4+100W )

US $30.17 More details

board Using original TDA7293 and NE5532 TDA7293 parallel two-channel amplifier board (250W* 2),Rectification, speaker protection

US $45.76 More details

DIY amplifier case 200*75*336mm AMP-2075 Full aluminum Power amplifier chassis/AMP case Enclosure / headphone AMP box DIY

US $32.03 More details

DC24V-DC32V TDA7498 200W+100W+100W 2.1 channel digital power amplifier board Class D Amplifier Board Beyond TPA3116

US $25.58 More details

DIY amplifier casee 320*90*300mm All aluminum amplifier chassis / mini Class A amplifier case / AMP Enclosure / case / DIY box

US $57.44 More details

BEAR LITTLE P1 6N11 12AU7 6922 Hifi Tube Amplifier Tube preamplifier

US $37.67 - 47.32 More details

P-818U 400W HIFI 5.1 channel Home audio amplifier Kara OK professional amplifier With card / USB interface

US $90.42 - 99.09 More details

case 435*150*380mm A2001B amplifier chassis/Back-Stage Amplifier Chassis/Aluminum panels/AMP case Enclosure / headphone amp case

US $44.58 More details
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